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"Malování je jen jiný výraz pro cit." John Constable

If you are concerned to have a particular picture painted, it is sufficient to send a request to my e-mail address, in which you describe which painting is in question. If you are not sure about the name or the author of the painting, try to describe it with words or send a view of the painting in an appendix or specify a target URL of the painting. Specify the selected technique and a preferred size.

I deliver the painting according to very high-quality patterns, which are warranty of a precise treatment.
Bottom is a high-quality canvas.

Space of time to have the picture painted depends on the size, the technique and the difficulty of the painting. However I deliver usually the majority of the paintings up to 4 weeks in case of pastel drawings and 8 weeks in case of oils, where the painting is finished and treated by a final protective paint.

As far as the size is concerned, it depends only on you. It is no problem to paint a picture in a scale 1:1, however I personally prefer and recommend a reduced-size 1:2.  

Prices are agreed and their level depends on the selected technique, size and difficulty of the painting. However they are approximately like this:

size pastel drawing oil painting

up to 50x60 cm

200 EURO 500 EURO

up to 100x120 cm

300 EURO 800 EURO

above 100x120 cm

400 EURO 1200 EURO

Finished painting are without frame, I leave it to you, which frame you choose to the picture. It is however no problem to have the painting framed. In such a case I include the additional charge of 100 EURO for framing. 

You do not pay for packaging and postage.

Notice: painted pictures are copies of old masters. They are signed by my name on the rear of the picture. They are neither falsifications nor pseudo-originals.

If you want to have a picture painted according to your pattern, it is sufficient to send a view or a photograph.


Petr Hanisch - pitrsek@centrum.cz

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